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the best moment in cinematic history

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Dear followers

It’s been a while!! I’ve graduated and will be heading home this Sunday, and things definitely will be busier for me. Thanks for staying with me :)

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Kids and their Attitude. Who’s to be Blamed?


Class representative is being beaten/bashed by idiots

Malaysia was once famous with Juvana; one of the most rated drama series on TV3. Then, came out Juvana the Movie, KL Gangster, Chow Kit the Movie and the upcoming new movie from Tayangan Unggul Sdn Bhd & Hadir Dinamik Sdn Bhd - Langgar the Movie.

As you can see, movies that I have mentioned share the same “unique” agenda and storyline - gangsterism. Exception for Chow Kit the Movie - it touches more into prostitution and triads but it does have the similarity in it; fighting. No doubt about it.

Singapore’s famous and highly rated Malay drama is Anak Metropolitan (which, has three seasons) and it portrays the same exact stories happen in everyday life - family issues, the no-love-from-mother/father, bullies, financial problems and etc. Well, that is Singapore y’know. We earn to survive, not live to survive. Even HDB rental increases like fuck (FYG).

In less than 24 hours, a video of a 15-year-old class representative (according to commenters) has gone viral because his bloody-stupid-jerk-“mates” bashed him up and as I observed the video; first suspect is known as Lukman Hakim (@AkimKeding). Currently we are all still investigating who the fuck is that big fat kiddo.

Second suspect… well i make him sound like a juvenile now (he does not bash but still appears in the video. think cool la liddat!) Izzat Syafiq (wears specs) wrote on his Twitter account that he isn’t scared of anything even polica but when his friend says the video has gone viral and has been shared more than 100 viewers, he shakes like a sissy. (too bad he has deactivated because apparently he got scared! kental punya budak)

Now, who’s to be blamed? Teachers or parents?

SMK Tun Hussein Onn is now being targeted by not only via social network but also human’s mouth. How can a student beats up another student and record the fight? Shouldn’t handphones or any type of gadget be banned in school ( i mean students aren’t allowed to bring one to school). Students, you can’t give an excuse that you need to have a cellphone with you. You can always run up to the office or ask your teacher to lend his/hers and call your mom or your dad or your driver. The heck!

When I was a student, I didn’t bring my phone (unless necessary like exam period) but hey, rules are rules. Enjoy your life as a high school student. Memories are made there and you’ll cherish them, some day - if you had the chance to live longer.

Parents - to devote love and pamper; yes you can. But discipline is the most important key in educating your own children. What is the whole point of you pay hundreds of Ringgit/Dollar, buy the most greatest smartphone in the world yet your kids are behaving like so-called-adult-gangster-but-failed-to-act-macho because I can tell you this - most people that are bashing your kid right now on Twitter say your son looks like a fucking pondan.

I really do not know what you kids can gain from fighting, punching or kicking other kids and record them and upload on Facebook. Yes, when your parents allow you to have your own Facebook account, go out and have fun with your friends that do not mean you can abuse and misuse freedom. God has given you a piece of brain - think wisely. What’s the whole point of being in a relationship when you yourself don’t even know how to spell words correctly.

What is the fucking point of going to school iF y0U tYp3 lYke This bodoh! Or “aq windu kat dier :’)” babi bodoh punya ayat! This and that this and that.

You kids are a fucking student. Get it real. Now it is not the time for you to act cool and be macho like we (as in we, the adults). YOLO; Drake says. So, have fun with your kiddo world. Wear something that is not beyond your age. Fuck to those kids who label themselves as a fashionista but do not know how to differentiate “being a hipster” and “fashionable”.

Here to primary/secondary school kids - get your ass down and read those textbooks! Help your parents and be proud to be called as a student - not a juvenile or “Henry Gurney’s kid”. Fothermucker you think it’s funny uh!

*** I suggest that every class in school right should have a fucking CCTV to observe what students or teachers are doing. Easy kan? There!

Yes, school is the place where you should treasure good memories and not to ruin someone else’s memories by hurting them. You don’t have the right to inflict wounds onto someone’s young life. You don’t have the right to play with other’s lives.